Re pointing

Re pointing roof ridge caps is the process of adding the outer layer of coloured cement or flexible sealant around the sides and collars of ridge caps. As your roof ages, the layer of pointing cement cracks due to roof movement, wind and the general expansion and contraction of your roof in different temperature conditions. Pointing cement will also often crack due to any human traffic across your roof required for general roof and other maintenance.

The Process

The outer surface of pointing is first cleaned of moss, lichen and dirt and then a new layer of flexible sealant is added to the existing surface. We strongly recommend that a flexible sealant be used for a re point rather than a new layer of pointing cement. The material cost is more, but is more cost effective due to the long term ability of flexible sealants to resist cracking and deterioration over time.


Occasionally, the cement underneath roof ridge caps can deteriorate to the extent that the caps need to be removed completely and bedded down afresh on a new layer of cement. Once this task is completed, the ridge caps can then be pointed as described above.