Water run-off

Low pitched roof areas are particularly vulnerable to leak problems. In Perth, the most common example of this is on a low pitched skillion roof often seen over the back of a sleepout area at the rear of a dwelling. In low pitched areas, the water run off is not as rapid.  Heavy rain conditions will often result in water overflowing between the roof tiles and into the ceiling space below. This situation can be made worse by accumulated leaves and dirt between the tiles.

Current and former practices

In low pitched areas it is standard theses days to lay sisalution paper underneath the tiles to catch any water and direct it to the gutter below. However, there are many older sisalation roofs that have never had sisalation paper installed at all. In addition, if there was paper installed, and it is still the original paper, then it will be so decayed that it no longer be functional.

The solution: lay new sisalation paper

The process of laying new sisalation paper underneath roof tiles requires that both the roof tiles and batons be removed. The paper is then laid, the battens are reattached to the rafters and the tiles are then laid back and attached as before. If the old, wooden battens are decayed, we will replace them with metal batons.

In order to keep your roof covered as much as possible during the process, we only remove 4 to 5 rows of tiles at a time. We then complete the work in that area, then move to the next section of roof above.